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At this point it may seem somewhat silly to think about switching careers, especially if for the past couple of years or so you have worked as a model in Houston. However, you can transition to being an actor, it can be done. Though it is good to know the easiest ways to make that transition without feeling overwhelmed and still be able to give your career path the attention it needs.
There is no doubt here or there should be no doubt that modeling and acting are two different areas of the entertainment industry. Though they are two different career paths, they have many similarities which should make the transition from modeling to acting as a natural career route for many performance artists. Before Mark Wahlberg started his career as an actor he actually started out as a model doing work with Calvin Klein and Channing Tatum got his start in the entertainment industry as eye candy in Abercrombie ads before becoming the Hollywood star that he is today. There are many talented people that got their start in the fashion industry before starting very successful careers in film. So knowing that this transition is a huge possibility, where does one start the transition from model to actor or actress in Houston?
Do your homework. One great way to start your transition from modeling to acting is to be well read. Read acting books, blogs and start checking out play manuscripts. There are many websites out there that have great sources and resources that can help beginning actors learn about the craft and to start taking the steps that they need to take to start pursuing an acting career. Learn the basics and make a commitment by taking acting classes.
The training you get in acting school is priceless and can not be substituted. Any actor that is serious about starting a successful career in acting should invest in themselves by taking acting classes. If you are starting as a model, this should be no different because having a good educational background will give you the experience and confidence you need to succeed. There is an advantage to be had as a model breaking into the acting career. A model is already comfortable in front of the camera, though with that being said they should also still take acting classes as they can learn the aspects of acting that may not be all that familiar.
There are many advantages to taking acting classes besides learning how to analyze a script, break down a character and to make the appropriate performance choices while on set. They also provide the priceless opportunity to study with peers, directors and writers in the industry. Taking classes can be one of the best ways to build a huge network of friends in the entertainment industry as well. Of course anyone that has common sense knows that having a huge network can be a true advantage in Houston.
Use Your Network
While you may have been only modeling for a couple of years, the network that you have already built up in your career can really help as you have met many agents and other artists along the way. Many of these connections that you have established already can really help you in your transition from modeling to acting. Often you find that the agency you are already working with also represents actors or your agent may even know someone that has a good reputation already in the field that can represent you as an actor going forward. It does pay off to know someone who knows someone else after all.
You may find that other models and photographers may know people in Houston or even have great advice on the best ways to get started as an actor because they have already worked in film or commercials. The thing to emphasize here is that your connections you have already established can help you start your acting career in Houston today.
Challenge in Houston
There can be some ease, but as with any new undertaking there can be challenges as well. If you are driven though, these challenges may just be little hiccups along the way to becoming an actor. You will need to have good support from other models and actors; but also have a firm belief in yourself and your talents to make that jump from photographs to film and stage. Models do have a bit of a unique advantage that they can work in their favor as they have already worked in an industry with a lot of high expectations placed on them already. Don’t be afraid to use your experience and take the acting classes you need to learn how to be an actor and ensure that the transition you are making is one that is smooth in Houston.
Every good career is built on a solid foundation and having that solid foundation will make working in Houston as an actor a dream come true!