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Acting and Modeling Auditions

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Once a year you may find that there are several cities around the country hosting what is better known as a “cattle call” . These types of auditions last for days and have many different theatre companies and actors involved. These general auditions are definitely a little different than your typical audition that your agent will call you with. Those are usually just by invitation.
General auditions are typically used to narrow down the actors before a real audition process begins. Usually they will have a character type already in mind and tend to select actors based on who they think will best have the look and fit for the part. The great thing about a general audition is they allow for anyone to audition, no matter what skill level or type for just a small fee.
General auditions are great for getting exposure as a beginning actor or actress because of the fact that they are usually only planned out ahead by a reputable organization and they also attract the attention of theatre companies ranging from small companies to the larger more renown companies. In a lot of cases with these types of auditions the audition room will contain film producers and agents.
When you arrive at a general audition you can expect to complete the sign up process and pay your fee before receiving an audition time and place. Remember once you have that time and place; make sure you show up on time and ready to go. Don’t worry if the timing seems odd, as they do this because auditions are literally scheduled back to back and all day. If you can’t make it to the audition on time or at all; be sure to cancel well in advance so you don’t look bad if you try for the opportunity again.
Be aware when you arrive there will be a line. There will be many actors there ranging in age and looks, which can be very different from a regular audition. You just simply get in line and wait. When you get to where you need to be, they will then pull you into an empty room where they will then summon you up for your audition. At this point, you walk out on stage where you will have many people watching you and making notes. Yes, they will probably yawn at times too, as it's a long day ahead for everyone or has already been a long day. You are just one of a hundred actors trying to audition on that stage, which can have its advantages and disadvantages.
Always remember to take the necessary time to prepare for your audition and be aware of the rules. General auditions are known for their time limit of about 2 minutes and you should have a well rehearsed monologue that will fit that time frame; while still showcasing your type and range. Be choosy on your audition pieces. Don’t do any monologues that are over done or have offensive language. Your goal should be to ultimately get a bunch of complete strangers to like you, be entertaining and aim to make them feel entertained and happy. Whatever two audition pieces you choose should really showcase your type and specialty. Try out some contemporary monologues; but be comfortable and confident. Confidence is contagious.